The wisdom tooth is nothing else but the third molar tooth. Its name comes from the fact that this set of teeth develops around the age of 17 to 25, the age of maturity and wisdom onset. This tooth is primarily used for chewing, as the first step of the digestion process. The Lake Worth dentist from Family Dentistry of South Florida state that despite its important role in the digestion process, the wisdom tooth has to be extracted in certain situations. Frequent infections and pain are only a few of these situations. Irregular growth that affects neighboring teeth is another situation when it’s better to have the wisdom tooth extracted.

The wisdom tooth extraction decision comes from its capacity to trigger further problems if left in place. Even a wisdom tooth that has grown normally is prone to becoming bad and causing infections. Its specific location makes this tooth very difficult to clean, as it can’t be reached through brushing and flossing. When it becomes infected, it can cause severe medical conditions or simply pain and discomfort. Either way, it has to go before it causes even more problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction isn’t different from the extraction of any other tooth. It is usually done under local anesthesia, in order for the patient to feel no pain and to relax. When the procedure involves the extraction of multiple teeth, general anesthesia may be a better option. This is up to the dentist to decide. Sometimes, the dentist has to break the wisdom tooth into several pieces in order to be able to extract the roots with ease. Gum bleeding is common during these extractions, as gums have to put up with this aggressive procedure.

Once the tooth has been extracted, the patient usually experiences bleeding, swelling and jaw stiffness. These symptoms fade away over the following days. Severe complications are possible but they are very rare.

Although wisdom tooth extraction involves some risks, not having it extracted when required is even worse. Frequent infections may lead to severe health problems, so you shouldn’t ignore the need for getting rid of the wisdom tooth that causes these problems. In order to take the best decision in regard to dealing with this tooth, you should seek for professional advice from an expert in dental health.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction